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Photo Montage


Photo montages are an interesting and unique way of displaying a large number of your photos all at once.Many hours can be spent just looking through these images rekindling favourite times and great memories.

Your photos can be displayed in 2 different ways, as can be seen in the sample images shown here. The choice is yours.


A photo montage created by merging your photos together will give you, your family and your friends hours of enjoyment as you look through your many memories


A photo montage created by placing your photos together will give you a record of an event or time period all collated togehter in an orderly fashion.


A photo montage created by scattering your photos in a seeming random pattern.

The basic costs are as follows

Setup cost (includes 20 photographs) $150.00
Extra Photos Added (per photo) $5.00

Printing Costs are as per Photographic Prints prices

For example, if you want a 50 x 76 cm montage with 100 photographs the total cost would be $ 150 for setup and 20 photos + 80 x $5 for the extra photos + $48.80 for the print = $598.80
This also includes the all images on 2 CD/DVDs.
(1 for viewing on computer or DVD player and 1 high resolution for getting extra prints.)

NOTE: This calculation assumes that all the photos are digital or already scanned in. (must be high resolution scans)

If you require us to scan the photos.........

Costs are $5 per image up to 10"x8" (approximately A4) and $15 per image for anything larger.

If you scan your own photographs they must be high resolution scans!


Extra prints can be ordered as per Photographic Prints prices and Extra disks or disk sets can be purchased
Extra disk set (in labeled case) $15.00
Extra individual Disks (per disk) $5.00
Travel costs and expenses for areas outside the Rockhampton region may be incurred and will be charged at cost.

Please contact us for more detail.


Photo Restoration


Your precious photographs are important and once we have scanned them, we don't touch the original.

Reprinting the corrected image is done in a manner that replicates the original as closely as possible. You can either have us print these images or we can supply a digital copy for you.

The cost for this service will depend on the extent of damage, the intricacy of the images and the format you want the corrected image in.

For example the image of the man required significantly more work to correct the imperfections than the image of the lady. If you have any questions or would like a quote, just send us an e-mail

Lady Lady-fixed


Minimal restoration costs $10.00 per image.

Significant restoration is charged at $100.00 per hour

See our pricing page for more detail about printing costs

Scanning images for restoration is available. Costs are $5 per image up to 10"x8" (approximately A4) and $15 per image for anything larger.


Wedding Photography


Sorry we do not do wedding photography !

But we can recommend Tanya Lynch Photography if you are looking for a good wedding photographer.




Industrial Photography


We have spent many years in and around industrial sites and machinery. Photographs for annual reports, advertising and promotional flyers. Having experience around industrial plant makes a significant difference to the outcome.

See Freelance Photography rates for a guide to pricing.


Special Event Photography


If you have a special event, sports, theatre, club events, even band photos ...

0635_4615 jh

See Freelance Photography rates for a guide to pricing.


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